What's Your Process?

1. Pre Production

Client Consultation: Initial meeting to understand project goals, target audience, and client preferences.

Define Project Scope:  Clearly outline the type, style, and features of the video, establishing project parameters.

Budget & Contract: Collaboratively set a budget, draft a contract outlining a project brief, deliverables, and timelines.

Storyboarding & Scripting: Develop visual storyboards and scripts to guide the creative narrative.

2. Production

Setup and Prep: Prepare equipment, ensure everything is in working order.

Direct and Shoot: Provide guidance, direct talent, and capture planned shots.

Capture B-Roll: Gather additional footage for depth and context.

Manage Audio: Oversee clear and high-quality audio recording.

Time Management: Efficiently coordinate to stay on schedule.

Wrap-Up: Breakdown equipment, ensure all footage is accounted for.

3. Post Production

Ingest and Organize: Import footage, organize files, and set up the project.

Initial Edit: Create a rough cut for an overall flow.

Add Music, Sound, & Audio Mixing: Integrate music, sound effects, & fine-tune audio elements.

Color Correction: Adjust color for a consistent and appealing look.

Review and Feedback: Collaborate with clients, make necessary revisions.

Final Cut: Incorporate feedback for the polished final version.

Export and Client Delivery: Export in desired format and deliver to the client.

Let's talk about it!

I work closely with my clients to understand the intricacies of their project, from concept to delivery. Whether you're dreaming of a sleek promotional video, a heartfelt documentary, or an attention-grabbing social media campaign, my pricing reflects the individual needs and complexities of your endeavor. Let's get in touch, share your vision, and make your project come to life – uniquely, precisely, and affordably!